Forget Stefan, I'm so much more fun

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Short Promo for 3x19 | Heart of Darkness

“Stefan thinks that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you?”

“Stefan thinks that I have feelings for you.”

“Do you?”

Can you all just fucking stop please? 




this isn’t fair on anyone :(

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Delena: Bourbon and Broken hearts. 


“Yeah you and Tyler… how’s that one working out? for some reason I can’t imagine you wanting to be in the same room together for two minutes without wanting to rip each other’s throats out?” Elena raised her eyebrow but the grin itching to get on her face was visible as she shook her head, the two of them and a drugged up Robyn or whatever she was; Elena didn’t quite understand how they had managed to get anything done. The emotions that were hitting her tired system were harder to control than usual as she found herself sinking onto the edge of his bed, she remembered lying with him here when she thought he was dying. The fear, the twists in her stomach that felt like they were physically slicing her they hurt so much - She would have done anything to save him and now here he was, in front of her with the usual charming smile on his face: The two of them really were survivors. 

Elena turned her head as he mentioned for her to scoot, obviously moving as she saw the journal in his hand and at first simply presumed it was one of Stefan’s that he had stolen. He made a habit of reading them, she didn’t like it but right now it might be what could save him and although it was going back on his promise to keep Stefan out of it, she found herself taking the journal and flicking the pages. The one thing she immediately noticed was that this wasn’t Stefan’s writing, she was about to ask when his words confirmed it and she didn’t know what she was more shocked about. The fact that he had written a journal in the first place or the fact that he was willing to simply hand it over to her so she could read it. Obviously the temptation was there as her eyes scanned over the front of the journal, her fingers running over the front of it as she lost herself in deep thought for a moment. Elena wanted to read it like most people would but she wouldn’t, this was his life and she didn’t need some book to know what he was like when he was good.

“Damon…” Her eyes turned from his to the book as she simply took it and placed it behind her on the bed, if she handed it back to him she faced the fact that he might simply refuse to take it so that seemed like the easier option. “I appreciate the offer, I can’t believe you’d let me read your diary but I can’t and even if I could then I wouldn’t.” Elena placed her hand back on the bed, a little to close to his as she felt her fingers brush over his hand, her eyes snapping down as she moved her thumb off his and placed it directly beside his hand instead. Deciding not to comment on her action, she simply went on, “I don’t need to read a diary to know what you’re like when you were good because you are are good Damon, I’ve seen the goodness inside of you… the love. You don’t have to prove anything to me.”

Elena placed the journal down on the bed as she begun to explain her reasoning. At the mention of diary, Damon intervened, “Ah-ah-ah. I prefer journal. You keep a diary… Sookie probably keeps a diary…..even Stefan keeps one. I don’t do diaries.” Damon had to maintain that kind of “tough exterior-interior” persona if he wanted to be taken seriously. Sentimental Damon didn’t often come out to play, and he preferred it that way. Deflection was Damon’s most frequent route. 

With the brush of her hand on his, he looked down in sync with Elena before she quickly repositioned her hand beside his. You are good, Damon. Deep down, Damon felt indifferent about that statement. Being ”good” was based on a person’s standards and morality, and considering everyone’s differed, Damon knew people viewed him on every part of the spectrum. But where did he see himself? He knew what he was capable of, in both murderous, scheming activities and compassionate ones. Where he preferred his capabilities teetered back and forth, dependent on the mood, time, place, and not to forget, the people he was around. With Elena, it was no wonder she thought what she did of him. Around her, he couldn’t help but be himself. She brought out a part of him he usually kept buried. The goodness inside of you. Damon looked into her eyes, the love. It caught him off guard, but in a way he wasn’t used to; intriguing.

"Maybe it’s not you I have to prove it to." Damon flashed his glance to her flushed lips before focusing back into her eyes. Behind his words was a different meaning all together. Damon wasn’t sure what he was feeling, mainly because he often ignored all sense of emotion. But right here and now, he couldn’t help but feel there was something more between them than they let on. Damon had to set the record straight. He leaned slowly towards Elena, his hand comforting the side of her face as his lips touched hers. It was all there, everything he ceased to remember. His lips lingered on hers before pulling back, gazing into her eyes again. Everything he’d been feeling was coming to the surface, and for a moment he could have sworn she felt it too.